Video: Battlefleet Francia

I’ve completed my first 3D animation in Blender, after first starting messing about with using it to import Google Earth 3D data at the end of November last year. It is of course, of medieval cathedrals in space.

Building off my collection of French medieval dioceses and the cathedral ground plans, I gathered together all of the available photogrammed Google models of the buildings, edited out their environs, arranged them in size order, and then animated a fly-through of them. This is more of a learning experience than anything, but I reckon it came out quite well. The guitar Chopin cover may not be as successful, but whatever, I’m quite pleased with it (and believe me it took a lot of takes of just about every part in the rather cramped space and time I have in these grim lockdown times).

The main sequence took nearly a hundred machine hours to render through (so like, computer left on rendering for four days) through the cycles engine, but the shadows look pretty cool I think. I have collected a much higher proportion of the cathedrals of England as 3D models, so look forward to a similar animation of that if you LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Maybe I will spoof another space thing! Or just more Star Wars!

You may also be interested that I did a “virtual study day” for the British Archaeological Association back in December. This mainly looks at the great resources Google Maps/Earth can provide for research and teaching, but I do touch on what was then my nascent interest in ripping Google Earth models. A link to how to do said ripping is also on that page. I really need to rip Spain and the Empire before Google break it on purpose.

For bonus blog content: here is the image that I use as the texture for the plane the models rise through.

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