Video: Battlefleet Italia

This has taken like three months of on-and-off work (mostly off, tbh) of cleaning up the models, animating them and researching their captions, and then like ten-plus days of machine time to render, not counting the bits I had to re-render because there was a mistake in the animation. Like George with the Phantom Menace, I probably went a bit too far in some places. Not least turning the Piazza San Pietro into a superlaser, but also insisting on recording an obscure late 1920s 15-part orchestral piece as the backing with only my guitar and some drum-programming software just because it was Italian and I always thought it was cool.

Anyway this accompanying post is really just to say I made this map of the all the cathedrals (and Roman basilicas) featured in the video, grouped by length from white to black, which should help you understand where they all are. Remember, the distribution is governed partly by whether the area is covered by Google Earth photogrammetry (hence why there’s no Orvieto, unfortunately), and I’m only including cathedrals that largely date in their core structure to before the seventeenth century.

A full map and a pithy digest about the incredibly complex political situation behind all of Italy’s nearly THREE HUNDRED medieval cathedrals will follow shortly. I have rendered hi-res images of the “set” for the video, with all labels readable, both with Star Wars stuff and a plain version, available for a ko-fi drop of two quid (which I lose a chunk to fees, ho hum).